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Buying a New Car

The first thing you should consider before thinking about how you are going to finance the car or where to buy it from is of course what kind of car do you want. That's not a very easy task because you have to match your needs with your budget. The needs are limitless and your earning power has certain limits. It's not that you don't want a sports car, the problem is that you can't afford it. So if you like something similar to a sports car, you may want to buy a 2-seater coupe and most manufacturers will have a coupe. That brings us to the question of which make to choose – Japanese, German, French, Italian…

What you should know is that the carmakers market is very, very competitive today. You can no longer rely on old sentences like "German cars are very reliable and comfortable", "Italian cars are fragile but very sporty and stylish", "Japanese cars are small and efficient", etc. Nowadays every maker has small models, sport models and family cars. So the make would really be a matter of personal preference.

While buying a car can be exciting, you must not let your decisions be influenced by emotion. Failing to plan ahead may cost you thousands of dollars. Before you head to the dealership, make sure to have a game plan.

You should have a very specific idea of the car you want to buy. This means you must know the make, model, trim level, options and color. The more flexible you can be about these specifics, the wider the range of the cars you'll find available for sale. Ultimately, the ability to consider several versions of the same model can give you additional bargaining power. For example, a shopper might be very firm about the make, model and trim level, but could accept a variety of options and colors. If you're a shopper who definitely wants hard-to-find options and a specific color, it will be more difficult to make a great deal. Why? You have no advantage as a negotiator. You have to pay the dealer's price or try to locate another identical vehicle. Obviously, if you do find the exact car you're looking for, there's no need to volunteer this information to the dealership.

The best place to start searching for your new car is the Internet. Before finding the specific car you want to buy you have to make up your mind about make and model. There are many comparison car information websites where you can start your research. Develop a feeling for the different classes of cars and compare cars from the same class – for example Opel Astra, Ford Focus, Peugeot 307, Toyota Corolla – they are all in the same general class and they are all nice cars.

Once you've pinned down the particular model and perhaps the engine and some more extra details, you are ready to search for a dealer and once again the Internet is a good point to start. You will find plenty of websites that offer car quotes. But before you rush into a dealer's office and even before you make a phone call, you need to learn some things about negotiating with car dealers.

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